There's a plant that legit can stop your partner from snoring

trending 21/11/2017

Apparently there is a PLANT that is here for you if you're sick of your partner's snoring. It's a pineapple plant.

British supermarket retailer Asda are providing the plant and it even has the backing of NASA!

Leading up to Xmas, the supermarket is selling the ‘snore shattering pineapple plant’ in a bid to help people get more rest.

According to NASA studies, pineapple plants ‘produce oxygen and improve air quality throughout the night’ and therefore, aid better – and quieter – sleep.

People sleep in different rooms due to their partner's snoring so this plant really could be the ‘bedroom revolution’ couples have been waiting for to get them out of ‘prickly night-time situations’, says Asda.

Grown in Holland, the plants take 21 months to two years of growth to produce the cute little pineapple which sits on the top.

Asda’s Pineapple Plants are available exclusively at Asda stores but we're hoping we can somehow get these babies to NZ!