Ryan Reynolds hilariously trolls Blake Lively on Instagram again

scandal 08/11/2017

Where can we find a relationship like these two!?

There's alot of celeb couples which we love, but one of our favourites have to be Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. That's not just because they're both hot asf, but they're always having fun together... 

How do we know? because you've got to be in a happy and fun relationship to troll your partner the way they do on social media:

At the moment Blake is in the middle of filming for her new film 'The Rhythm Section' where she's looking a little different. Paparazzi photos of Blake on set came out over the weekend which Ryan used to show some love to his wife:

Considering this look isn't something you'd usually want to be seen in, Blake took Ryan's joke pretty well commenting on his post "Only the best for SMA 2010" reffering to him being named the 'Sexiest Man Alive in 2010'.