MAFS NZ Luke and Haydn's wedding rings up for sale on TradeMe

scandal 13/11/2017

And it's for such a good cause! 

Since Luke and Haydn from Married At First Sight NZ don't have much use for their wedding rings anymore, they've decided to put them up for sale on TradeMe:

The rings, which are valued at $1400 each, will see all the proceeds go towards KidsCan along with the winners also being invited out to lunch with the two boys. 

While talking with The Herald, Haydn spoke about giving away the rings saying:

We were like 'we've got these rings we haven't worn much, what are you going to do?' We didn't really want them. One, I don't wear rings. Two, it's kind of symbolic of a shambles.

KidsCan Chief Executive Julie Chapman also talked about the auction saying:

We hope people will bid. Every cent will go to support kids in need.