MAFS NZ Haydn explains why he decided to quit the show

Married at First Sight NZ 06/11/2017

Talk about an intense episode...

As if all the drama at the cocktail party wasn't enough, to top it all off, Haydn and Bel decided enough was enough and left the show.

Haydn joined the AM Show on Monday morning along with matchmaker Dr Pani Farvid to explain his shock decision.

We tried really hard, I tried really hard, it was just a communication thing in the end. I think we're both very different people

By the end I was just emotionally drained. I was exhausted.

He says he didn't want to go to the dinner in the first place, and was "feeling anxious" about it - before things went south.

Aaron said it was time to "address the elephant in the room", and the drama of Bel and Hadyn's rollercoaster relationship was brought up.

Obviously it all kicked off, and there's only so much one man can take.

I'd spent four weeks being prodded and got into all this drama I didn't want to and so I was like 'I'm going to have my say'

Haydn's temper rose on the show - leading producers to step in before someone got hurt.

It was 100 percent legit, I think five more minutes and he would have been suplexed across the room.

But despite his shock decision to leave the show, he says he has no regrets for taking part.

There's no regrets for me. I applied in good faith, I was offered a spot, a match and I thought 'yeah'. I've learned a lot about myself and the way I deal with things. Maybe I'm a little bit forwards at times, maybe I need to take a step back, but I'm still 100 percent comfortable with the way I acted.

SOURCE: Newshub.