This iPhone feature is keeping track of all your nudes

scandal 01/11/2017

As if you didn't have enough reasons for your phone to scare you, this just takes it to the next level...

A new revelation on Twitter that your phone is filtering your photos into secret categories - including all those with cleavage - has got women panicking. Smart image recognition technology, brought into iOS 11 on Apple devices last year, uses an algorithm to automatically sort images using 4432 different category keywords.

One of those keywords is 'brassiere'. When using the search function in your 'Photos' app, typing in 'brassiere' brings up any photos with cleavage or boobs in them.

Twitter user ellieeewbu was one of the first to catch on, writing "ATTENTION ALL GIRLS ALL GIRLS!!! Go to your photos and type in the 'Brassiere' why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!!?"

As well as helping you find your boob shots, the algorithm uses over 4432 different keywords so maybe you want to see how obsessed with your cat you are? 

Photo credit: Babe

So next time your friend asks to borrow your phone for a sec, might be best to keep an eye on what they're doing (not like you weren't doing that anyway).

SOURCE: Newshub