Tamagotchis are being re-released!

trending 11/10/2017

Ahhhh, they were a taste into the virtual life we would all be living one day. The Tamagotchi. 

The egg-shaped toy launched in the States 20 years ago, following its 1996 release in Japan.

And now, Tamagotchi is set to make a comeback.

Bandai has revealed it is releasing a $21nzd mini version of the beloved 90s toy, with pre-orders starting on Amazon today.

Excitement for Tamagotchi's comeback started when it was announced that the toy would be re-launching in Japan.

‘It got such a tremendous worldwide response from fans that were knocking down our door to bring it back to the US, so we brought it back,’ Liz Grampp, Vice President of Brand Management at Bandai America, told Dailymail.com.

What we know about the new Tamagotchi:

- The 20th anniversary version is much smaller than the original.
- The gameplay is much the same, albeit simpler in some ways.
- It will be released in six different shell designs, from pale orange and see-through to blue to boldly contrasting two-tone schemes straight out of the 90s.
- Each Tamagotchi will include six virtual pets.
- After hatching a digital creature, users must take care of it as it moves through the different stages of life.
- This includes feeding it – either a ‘meal,’ consisting of a rice bowl, or a candy ‘snack’ – and cleaning up after it goes to the bathroom.

If you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to act fast – according to the firm, this will only be a limited release.

‘There is a finite number that have been created and designated for the US market,’ Grampp told Dailymail.com.

‘They’ll be easy to find, but I definitely would not wait.’