Shailene Woodley is apparently dating a Kiwi rugby player!

scandal 16/10/2017

Omg! Apparently Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley is dating North Harbour rugby player Ben Volavola, according to

Woodley is known for starring in movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent.

Shailene has been photographed with the rugby first five in Hamilton on the side lines after North Harbour’s recent win over Waikato. She even wore a North Harbour beanie and scarf!

Ben Volavola is an Australian-born Fijian international rugby union footballer and is quiiiiite the babe!

Ben Volavola. Getty Images

The news of this romance comes in time with a mystery man who seems to have appeared on Woodley's Instagram account in romantic photos.

Shailene has been in New Zealand filming studio scenes for a new movie called Adrift. It’s thought she met Ben, 26, earlier this year while shooting on location in Fiji, where he plays for the national team.