MAFS NZ's Luke secret Bachelor audition video

scandal 27/10/2017

It seems that the Married at First Sight NZ dream is all over for Luke, now.

On Monday, Lacey told Luke she was done with their relationship and that she was even leaving the country. Luke joined Steph, Dom and Randell in the studio to talk about the break-up and how he won't really appear on the show any more.

Of course Luke dreams of being famous so it only makes sense that he would want to appear on another reality TV show right?!  😂

Enter, this meme:

Uploaded to the "Married at First Sight NZ Memes" Facebook page, fellow husband Haydn was quick to comment on it, encouraging the idea of Luke as the next Bachelor...and Luke was quick to shut it down.

BUT funnily enough, Luke has actually shown interest in this whole "The Bachelor" thing in the past...! A video uploaded to his YouTube channel at the beginning of 2016, shows his audition tape to be The Bachelor in 2015! Lol! 

Oh how things would have been different if Luke had become The Bachelor over Art!!! Hahaha.

Never change, Luke.

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