Kim Kardashian asks the internet to roast Kris & the results are hilarious

scandal 25/10/2017

Ahhhh, isn't it the best when a celeb can have a laugh at herself. Well, not at herself as such...rather, at her mother. 

Kim posted a photo of mum, Kris Jenner looking decked out on Twitter. She looked boss af, wearing a floral power suit, a fur throw and with a new platinum blonde pixie cut.

Kris, of course, knew she looked good so put on a bit of a pout for Kim's photo, little did she know though, that her sneaky daughter was going to post the photo on Twitter and ask her followers to caption the photo.

This was a leg open invitation from Kim to absolutely ROAST Kris online and her fans jumped at the chance!

Here we go...

There are some sick burns there! Ouch!