Geordie Shore were caught faking this part of the show

Are you ready to have your mind's blown? Turns out some reality TV is actually scripted! 

Everytime we watch Geordie Shore it's like "How can you get smashed night after night and keep partying!?" because there's no way we'd be able to handle that type of partying.

Well those big nights aren't always as big as what they're made out to be. While the cast were out filming recently a fan noticed something funny saying on twitter:

The Geordie Shore producer went up to the bar the other night and ordered them 6 shots of water

That's right, those shots they're always downing so easy are sometimes just water. The Sun Online wanted to find out if this is something that actually happens and while talking to a show insider, they found out it's been happening for years:

Geordie Shore is portrayed like they get hammered every night, but some nights they just go out and drink water which they make look like vodka.

While they were filming series 16 in Flortia's night club the other night, a producer was heard going to the bar and ordering six shot glasses of water.

This has been going on for a few series now... even in the days when Holly Hagan was involved.

So next time you don't feel like partying,  you can still go out but instead, pour yourself a drink of the 'Geordie Shore special'.