Couple lose $500K on game show for not knowing the answer to simple NZ question

trending 01/11/2017

Ahhhh, sitting here smugly in our seats in New Zealand, we can't believe that someone didn't know the answer to this! 

Jess and Lee on Channel Seven's game show The Wall lost $500k just because they weren't up to scratch with their Kiwi knowledge.

In the show, Aussies are asked a series of questions and if they get them right, a ball is dropped down some tubes marked with different amounts of money. Whatever tube the ball lands in is the amount that is added into their bank.

If they get a question wrong, the ball is then dropped and the amount on the final tube is the amount that is deducted from the contestant's bank.

The couple had $465,000 in the bank and if they got the next question right, they would have had an extra $500,000 at their disposal.

However, the couple faltered when they were asked to name the capital city of New Zealand.

The pair locked in Christchurch. Which is obviously incorrect. Uh ohhh.

Before the answer was revealed, Jess dropped the two balls into the tubes and watched them both land in the $250,000 slot meaning that if they were correct, $500,000 would be added to their total.

After the answer was revealed as incorrect, the couple's total dropped back down to $0 but after a few more questions, the were about to walk away with $155,404.