'Creepy Doll' listing on Trade Me will 100% give you nightmares

trending 16/10/2017

Why would anyone want these in their house!?

Trade Me user 'retrosaurus-rex' is looking to sell their 'Creepy Doll Collection' but after the first look we're here like: 

The collection includes "over 20 dolls and lots of limbs" and if that doesn't win you over, the user has also said:

They've kept us company for long enough, now it's your turn.

I often wake up in the night with them snuggling me, which is weird, because I always lock them in the cupboard before I go to bed.

Some of the dolls pictured have gouged out eyes, missing limbs, or mismatched heads and bodies.

It isn't clear what anybody in their right mind would use a collection like this for - except possibly pulling an awful prank on a friend.

The listing has a $4 reserve, which it has met already with seven bids so far.

SOURCE: Newshub.