You can now print your face onto these suitcases but tbh they're creepy asf

trending 05/09/2017

On the bright side atleast you'll never lose your suitcase at the airport...

If you're used to getting off your flight, fighting your way to the front of the crew so that you're in a prime spot to see your bag as it comes around on the carousel, well now that process will get a lil'easier.

Firebox has made a custom polyester spandex suitcase covers that'll you can print your box ol'face onto:

Think of all the benefits, like we said you're never going to lose your bag at the airport with a big face like that starring at you and it'll probs mean no-one's going to be stealing it either since it'll be pretty obvious the bag is not yours (unless you secretly run in to your long lost twin who's turned to a life of crime).

Depending on the size, the cover will cost you between $36 - $54 but it'll defs be worth it.