Uber Eats posts sexist advertisement

scandal 22/09/2017

Ahhhh 2017. We should not be seeing any sexist chat any more but alas, it's still going on.

UberEats in Bangalore, India posted this very tone-deaf ad copy for its promo on Wife Appreciation Day.

“Dear husbands, a gentle reminder — today is Wife Appreciation Day. Order on uberEATS and let your wife take a day off from the kitchen,” read the copy.

People were not impressed. Uber immediately apologised and rectified the situation, but only after the advertisement was published and the backlash was brought to the company’s attention.

Uber’s chief brand officer, Bozoma Saint John, didn’t seem to be aware that the ad existed and was rightfully angered when she saw it.

“Glad they removed it, but something’s REALLY broken when they have to be told that that’s wrong,” wrote one Twitter user.