This blanket is designed to feel like a big hug

We would all prefer to spend our day cuddled up on the couch instead of having to do things like 'make an effort to see our friends' or 'be social' and what's one thing that would make that dream day even better? this blanket. 

Why? becuase it feels like a legit hug. The Gravity Blanket weighs between 7 and 11 kg. The blanket is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, while helping you get a better nights sleep which sounds like exactly what we need right now. 

It helps to do this by using 'deep touch stimulation' which stimulates pressure points around the body, helping to regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. So in short, it's a blanket that gives you a never-ending hug.

The blanket isn't available just yet in NZ, but we hope it makes its way here soon because we need it ASAP.