The trailer for Netflix's 'The Magic School Bus' reboot is here & there are two Ms Frizzles!?

scandal 06/09/2017

Ahhhh nostalgia! The trailer for Netflix's Magic School Bus reboot is here! 

It was widely reported that Kate McKinnon would be taking over the role of Ms Frizzle in the series. And that's true, but as seen in the new trailer, she is a Ms Frizzle but not the OG Ms Frizzle. Ms Frizzle will be voiced by Lily Tomlin who is reprising her role as the original quirky teacher from the animated 90's series. 

Professor Frizzle passes the keys of the Magic School Bus to her younger sister, Miss Fiona Felicity Frizzle (McKinnon), who will lead the students of Walkerville School on the same wild, scientific adventures that her older sibling was famous for.

How good is that theme song, though!? Who remembers the words!? The Magic School Bus Rides Again will debut on Netflix on Sept. 29.