Sleeping in a cold room can apparently help you lose weight

scandal 06/09/2017

Sick of getting up extra early to go to the gym? sick of having to go to the gym with 100 other people after work? tbh if you've just sick of going to the gym in general, there might be a new way to loose weight that involves one of our favourite things...

After some research, Dr. Christopher Winter, Medical Director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine,  claims that sleeping in a room between 15-19 degrees can boost your metabolism pretty much instantly. The research also showed that sleeping in a room temperature of 18 degrees helps you burn over seven percent more calories than if you were to sleep in a warmer room.

Wait...did we hear that right? losing calories just by sleeping? THIS IS OUR DREAM.

The reasoning behind it is your body has to work harder to keep it's core temperature up so simple more work = more calories being burnt and that seven percent adds up, over 24 hours you can have burnt an extra 100 calories.

Instead of turned on that electric blanket tonight, keep it off and you'll be able to skip the gym tomorrow morning!