This is the best time to book your next holiday

scandal 08/09/2017

Hands up who's ready for another holiday? 

And we're not just ready ready for one because we're feeling sad coming back to work after the weekend (ok maybe a little) but with Christmas just around the corner you'd be silly not to be thinking of giving yourself a well deserved break!

Luckily for you CheapFlights have found, depending on where you're wanting to fly off to, when the best time to book your flights are (and what to expect if you're booking outside of those ideal times).

New Zealand

If you're needing to fly back home for a weekend or just wanting to head away for the weekend, CheapFlights found that the best time to book a flight some where in NZ is 3-6 months before you're wanting to go away. People who book less than a week before their flight pay an extra 60% compared to booking in that 3-6 months ahead sweet spot but don't over do it, people who book more than 6 months ahead can pay an extra 21%.


The best time to book your flight across the ditch is 1-3 months before your plane's set to take off. Try not to book them to far in advance because you'll have to pay 10% more if you're booking 6-12 months ahead but that's not as bad as the 18% extra you'll pay if you book in the last week.

Asia Pacific

If you really feel like treating yourself to a proper holiday to Asia Pacific then first of all can you please take us with you and second of all you'll want to book your holiday 1-6 months before you leave. Any earlier than that you could face up to 9% more but book more than 6 months in advance and you'll find a 5% increase.

Be careful not to leave booking too late if you're heading to the islands. If you book last minute flights to Tonga it can cost you up to 56% more and 20% more for last minute flights to Fiji, Indonesia, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

Long Haul

Want to go to the U.S? how about Europe? well then heads up, booking more than 12 months in advance might get you the best seats, but you'll have to pay 5% more. like NZ the best time to book your Long Haul flights is 3-6 months ahead. If you leave it till a month ahead it'll cost you an extra 7% but leave it to just one week ahead and you'll see a 17% increase.