Lush has revealed their new Halloween collection to get you in that spooky spirit

scandal 06/09/2017

It's getting to the time of year when your friends think it's acceptable to watch horror movies every night (which it's not, we ain't got no time for nightmares) and don't feel bad about eating loads of lollies...

Ofcourse we're talking about Halloween, and to get you ready for all the tricks and treats Lush's released their Halloween collection for 2017. The collection is made up of more than 15 products, some coming back from last years collection and some brand new treats we've never seen before.

Like we said, along with these new products Lush is also bring back some of our favs from last year including:

The collection so far has only been confirmed to be coming out in the U.K and the US from September 11th so here's hoping we see theses treats make their way to NZ too!