Harry Styles covers 1D 'Thats what makes you beautiful' and our hearts can't deal

scandal 21/09/2017

Even though all the boys are doing there own things at the moment, it's good to see they havn't forgot their boy band roots!

Harry Styles has delighted fans on the first leg of his international tour, singing 'What Makes You Beautiful' at his concert in San Francisco on September 19.

The song was one of the first hits for One Direction, but in a video filmed by a concertgoer, Styles has put a 2017 folk spin on the track.

In the video, screaming fans sing along to the tune.

Seventeen reports Styles also sang One Direction track 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

It follows Niall Horan performing a One Direction track during a solo show, an acoustic, folksy rendition of 'Fool's Gold', during a show in Dublin.

SOURCE: Newshub.