Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls didn't recognise Lindsay Lohan during an interview & it's awks

scandal 15/09/2017

Mean Girls is obviously the best movie on the planet.

And there's a certain hottie that stands out in the movie. THE Aaron Samuels. He's the one Cady had a crush on. And the same guy who told her that the date was Oct 3rd.

Well, the actor who played Aaron, Jonathan Bennett, attended a Rooftop Cinema Club screening of the film at The Montalban Theater in Hollywood. And during an interview with TooFab, something weird happened.

Jonathan was shown a picture of Lindsay Lohan, and he did not know it was her.

"That's not Lindsay!" he said when he saw the picture. 

"That is Lindsay," the interviewer says off-camera.

Jonathan was still sceptical and pulled the picture off the interviewer to see it up close.

"Lindsay?! Come here. Come here," he said.

He then seemed to realise his mistake and sort of awkwardly attempted to fix it.

He...said he was proud of her, and that she had done a "good job." And sort of rambled on until he thought he had dug himself out of the hole. Bless.