8 Things you should do before bed to ensure a good night's sleep

scandal 28/09/2017

Research has revealed the formula for a perfect night's sleep - throw in a room that's the right temp, curling up on your right hand side and a read before bed.

The study also revealed that to achieve Zen-like sleeping conditions you will also need two pillows and a bedroom painted white.

And for the perfect night’s sleep, you should leave at least 37 minutes from when you last check your phone to attempting to fall asleep.

And controversially, 44 per cent of people believe they sleep better when their partner isn’t in the bed with them.

The poll of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by mattress company eve Sleep, asked them to name everything that helped give them the perfect night’s sleep.

One in five even think having sex before bedtime is the best way to guarantee a good night's sleep!

The key to a great night’s sleep:

• Be in bed by 22:39 — and try to sleep

• Ensure your room temperature is 16.1 degrees Celsius

• Put on clean bedding

• Make sure the room is totally dark, painted white, and tidied

• Avoid your phone for 37 minutes before sleep

• Read a few pages of a paper book (not an e-reader)

• Sleep on your right side, with legs curled up

• Don’t cuddle up with your partner