Turns out Charlotte and Bear are still together after all

scandal 18/08/2017

Soooo, looks like we all got that one wrong...

Yesterday the big news was that Charlotte and Bear had officially broken up but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

In our defense, and everyone else's who talked about the split, Charlotte did a pretty good job in making us think they'd broken up with an emotional Snapchat vid and tweet saying "I tried my hardest and it obs wasn't good enough"

This morning, after a sobering sleep by the sounds of it, She has said:

"The top and bottom of it is, I was a massive drunk dick. I decided to go on Snapchat and all other sorts of social media to tell 6 million people a load of shit.

No relationship is perfect. We all have our ups and downs. I did what every other girl does when I see red and I am sorry for that.

Me and Stephen aren’t actually separated or finished, we just had a little bit of a row."

So the moral of the story he, never go on social media after an argument with your special person - especially if you're drunk.