This new exercise bike will let you watch Netflix, but only if you're pedaling

Anyone for some Netflix and sweat like f*kn crazy?

Lets not lie, if we spent just as long at the gym as we did watching Netlfix at home that we would be looking pretty fyyyne. Well Now someone has invented a way to get the best of both those worlds (we should say we use the world 'best' loosely because exercise).

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A new exercise bike will let you stream Netflix while you're predalling away. What's the catch? you can't stop pedalling or else you're Netflix show that's just starting to get to the good part will stop.

But before you get the wallet out to go buy your own, because we know that's exactly what you were going to do, this isn't something you can go out and buy yourself. This bike is more of a DIY project so if you've got a spare weekend coming up this could be something for you.

Watch the video below: