This job will pay you $37K a year to go enjoy parties all over the world

scandal 23/08/2017

Did somebody say dream job?

If you're sick of spending all your money going to different parties, well now somebody is instead going to give you money to do just that!

HenHeaven, a company that specialises in hen parties, is looking for new 'Head Blogger'. You'll get paid $37,000 per year (working around 37.5 hours a week) and will get to go on trips literally all over the world, one week you could be at a pool party in Vegas, and the next on a rooftop in Spain.

But don't expect it to be an easy ride, as part of your 'job' you'll have to video yourself enjoying the different trips to put on HenHeaven's Youtube channel, hard work we know.

Don't even worry about your experience, they're just 'looking for that character who'll make [their] audience laugh and smile consistently'

So if you're keen, and we don't know why you wouldn't be, just send them a video ,less than 2 mins long along with why you would be the best person for the job, via WeTransfer to along with your CV.