This is what angle you should take your selfies from according to science

trending 18/08/2017

Get ready to up your selfie game because if science says, then it must be legit right??

We're not gonna lie, everyone's also after more likes on Insta, especially when it comes to your selfies so we'll take all the help we can get (not saying we're desperate for them, but we're always up for a few more).

Dr. Anukka Lindell, senior lecturer in experimental neuropsychology at Melbourne's La Trobe University, analysed over 2000 selfies and found that your left side is the most appealing angle.

"92% of the sample showed an overall posing bias, with 41% favouring their left cheek, 31.5% preferring their right cheek, and 19.5% repeatedly posting midline selfies"

Her research found that selfies recieve 1.1 - 3.2 times more likes and comments on Insta than any other type of pic. She also said:

"Tips for posing for the 'perfect portrait' and the 'perfect selfie' regularly include avoid facing the camera head on in a midline pose, unless one is aiming to look bigger; instead, adopting a 3/4 or 2/3 turn toward the camera is encourages as it introduces more angles, highlights the cheekbones, and makes the subject of the photo appear slimmer"

So go out and take dem'selfies!