This is how much money Love Island stars are making after leaving the show

trending 07/08/2017

We just found out how much money the stars of Love Island are making and you too will throw up once you find out how much cizasshhh these guys are raking in.

Like, we're talking tens of thousands of dollars PER HOUR for personal appearances.

Love Island is the latest reality TV show that has got us all addicted like crazy. The British dating show throws a bunch of young hotties together, living on their own island on the outskirts of Spain in isolation from the outside world, who are constantly under 24/7 camera surveillance.

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Take a guess what happens a lot on the show. It's pretty much the most addicting thing you can binge watch (Shaz watched 14 hours of it in ONE day lol).

Anyway, back to the money... these guys are making some serious $$$ in just appearance fees since leaving the villa.

Olivia Attwood - €10,000 euros per hour ($15,919 NZD)

Kem Cetinay - €5,000 per hour ($7,959 NZD)

Amber Davies - €5,000 per hour ($7,959 NZD)

Gabby Allen - €5,000 per hour ($7,959 NZD)

Jessica Shears - €5,000 per hour ($7,959 NZD)

So uhhh..... how do we become contestants for next season??