The recipe for McDonalds' Big Mac sauce has just leaked online

scandal 24/08/2017

Home-made burgers are about to get a whole lot better if this is true!

In the latest food news that is almost as big as Plankton finally stealing the Krabby Patty, the top secret recipe for Mcdonald's iconic Big Mac sauce looks to have been leaked online.

And if this is real, we can see why it's called 'big' because the sauce is made from 33 different ingredients including mustard seed, onion powder, and pickle relish.

Photo credit: DailyMail

Considering there are only apparently a handful of people that know the recipe for this 'secret' sauce, this leak comes as a big surprise. FEMAIL has reached out to McDonalds' to confirm whether or not this list is real but they're yet to respond.

If you're picturing how much that long list would set back your weekly shopping budget....don't worry because according to Mom Deals there's an easier way to replicate this sauce:

Photo credit: DailyMail

Who's up for trying this out?