You might be able to send drunk face and dabbing emojis next year

trending 07/08/2017

A llama, bagel, toilet paper and sad poop are all in the running to become emojis in next year's launch.

There are 67 new draft candidates on the list, released by Unicode 11.0.

A hippo, lobster, cupcake, red-head, evil-eye amulet and drunk smiley have also made the list.

Emojis are quickly emerging as a universally recognised form of expression, popular on iPhones and social media.

The tiny icons have also blurred the lines of what counts as communication, and have been used as evidence of binding agreements, or intent, in court.

They're so popular a movie has even been made in their honour, The Emoji Movie - although with a 6 percent rating on movie reviewing site Rotten Tomatoes, and "vomit emoji" reviews, it may not do them justice.

The new set of emojis will be voted on in coming months, with the winners launched in June 2018.