New show 'The Sinner' is so horrific people can't even watch the first episode

If you're eating anything right now, probably best to look away or else you'll be like:

Ok don't say we didn't warn you. A new show called 'The Sinner' has just premiered in the U.S which some people are struggling to watch because it's so intense.

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We can't believe that the main character, the person behind all of this response is Jessica Beil, you know, wife of Justin Timberlake and probably one of the sweetest people ever? yeah her. The story is about how one day out of the blue, Jessica's character decides to stab a man to death while her family and strangers watch from the beach.

Watch the full trailer here:

WTF? Why? why did she kill him? what happened? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

After the first episode (which had 3.3 million viewers so you know it's gon be good) some posted to Twitter about how intense it was: