'Lava Lamp' cocktails now exist and TBH they're the prettiest thing we've ever seen

trending 09/08/2017

It's no surprise that retro stuff are coming back into fashion, velvet chairs are going crazy at Kmart, jelly shoes and chokers are back in, but this has got to be our favourite yet.

We've all wanted a lava lamp as some point in our lives, we mean how could you not. Now you can get yourself a coolest one yet and instead of just tripping out looking at it, you can drink it too!

The Honeywell, a 70's theme bar in New York, have created the new drink called the Funkadelic. Apparently it tastes sweet and citrusy with the head bartender saying it was designed with wine lovers in mind.

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And if you don't feel like the pick trip the the states to try it out, luckily Thirsty Mag put a recipe together on how to make it for yourself.