The average cost of a 'date night' in New Zealand is actually insane

Ever wondered what the typical price of a date night in New Zealand should cost you?

Well, wonder no more because the team over at Elite Singles have done some research into the average cost of a date night in New Zealand.

It's safe to say the results were different across the country, with the larger cities having a higher average price.

New Zealand's highest price for date night is...

*drum roll please* 

QUEENSTOWN! A typical date night in Q-town will set you back a hefty $158 (which is $26 more expensive than the average).

You can see the average price per city below:

1. Queenstown: $158

2. Auckland: $142

3. Hamilton: $140

4. Christchurch: $130/

5. New Plymouth: $130

6. Dunedin: $129

7. Tauranga: $128

8. Wellington: $127

9. Palmerston North: $119

10. Rotorua: $119