Get your lip-balm ready because a kiss a day is actually good for your health

scandal 07/07/2017

Incase you didn't realise today is International Kissing Day so here's a lil'gift from us to you:

But after all this time turns out you won't be getting 'cooties' from kissing anytime soon because it's actually really good for your health! 

Here's why:

1. Kissing can help relieve headaches and cramps.
2. Kissing can help lower your blood pressure.
3. Kissing your partner daily can help improve your relationship.
4. It can also help your relationship by releasing endorphins a.k.a the happy                     hormones.
5. You can actually burn calories by kissing (so don't worry about going to the gym.
6. Kissing can boost your immune system and lower your risk of an allergy attack.
7. Kissing helps to fight cavities.
8. It can help improve our well being and increase our self esteem because obvs you'll     be proud of how good you are at kissing.
9. Kissing can help you get that chiseled jawline by toning our facial muscles.
10. Obviously it can help to take away that feeling of stress.

So like we said go stock up on the lip-balm and go give out some kisses!