FYI Here's how you can see how much time you've spent on your iPhone and it'll make you wanna cry

scandal 11/07/2017

Whether it's because your boss wants you to actually do some work instead of looking at memes all day, or your friends are just always on your case, at some point we all need a friendly reminder:

And now the fact that we can see the exact amount of time we're spent looking at that screen really shows we need to go out more.

With your iPhone go in to your settings, then tap on battery. Once the page is loaded it'll show you a whole lot of apps with percentages next to them. what's the percentage you ask? that shows which app is taking up most of your time (see we told you it wasn't pretty).

But it doesn't stop there. If you click on the clock in the top right corner that show the amount of TIME you've spent on each of those apps.


So if your results look anything like ours lets make a deal right now to actually go talk to our friends in person...