Dark Betty might hurt Jughead in Riverdale Season 2

trending 19/07/2017

Back in the first couple of episodes of Season 1, we got a glimpse of a dark side of Betty when she nearly drowned Chuck in a spa. 

We didn't see any more of this during the rest of the reason, but screen writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has already told us Season 2 will take a lot darker turn, which we think could mean getting to know 'Dark Betty' a little more.

And now, to strengthen our suspicions, actress Lili Reinhart has shared a drawing from the Archie comment on her Insta, showing us Jughead hurt and bleeding with Betty standing over him.

Lili's caption didn't give much away in her caption, but it's looking like Betty has pushed Jughead - wearing his iconic crown beanie - through a glass door.

If this is a hint as to what's to come, we are NOT OKAY.

Last we saw of Bughead, they had just confessed their love for each other when the Southside Serpents turned up to induct Jughead into their gang.

As he accepted their offering of their gang leather jacket, Betty looked eternally worried which makes us think the Serpents may be a bad omen for their love.