ATTN: The cheapest ever flights to America have just gone on sale

trending 04/07/2017

BRB we're going to America!

If uni has got you down or you're just needing a holiday after 7 long months since christmas, then now's the time to book your tickets. TBH we all dreams of going to New York atleast once in our lives but there's never been a cheaper time to go than right now.

To celebrate the fourth of July weekend in the U.S Qantas has released return flights to New York for just $899

I can't remember when it had been this low

Simon Mckearney from Helloworld said along with finding these fares "staggering". 

The flights will fly out of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch via Sydney and L.A but you've gotta be quick to get these prices! These flights to New York are limited to just 150 passengers but say you don't want to go to New York, you're not a fan of the big apple, instead you'd prefer to go to L.A....

Well Qantas has you sorted there too because they are also offering return flights to L.A for just $799. 

So what are you doing, go book a ticket ASAP!

But let's hope yor aren't stuck with a safety video like the one Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell made below...