You can now buy your doggo a $264k dog house

scandal 14/06/2017

Great. The housing crisis is now so bad, we can't even afford a dog house...

But putting our own financial worries aside these are pretty damn cute!

This month, the UK company, Hecate Verona launched a new range of dog houses that can cost as much as $264,000 (you don't need as to point out the fact this is more than would you'd pay for a three-bedroom house in parts of the country).

These dog houses come with heating, air conditioning and food/water dispensers all inside. Other features that come with the house are indoor/outdoor lighting, sound systems and TVs.

but if you're worried you'll never see your if you get one of these then don't stress, you'll be able to talk to them through the conference calling system that's installed.

So hey, if worst comes to worst, you can start saving for a dog house instead!