This new 'Sexy Chest' swimsuit has us like WTF

scandal 13/06/2017

Forget your beach bod, this swimsuit is all you'll be needing...

Whether it's because we want our Insta pics to look on point or because we want strangers to be like 'daaamn shawty who dat', everyone wants to look as babe'n as possible for summer.  But this new swimsuit is taking a let's just say 'different' approach to standing out at the beach.

The swimsuit created by Beloved Shirts comes in three different shades to match your skin tone (natural, tan, and dark) and dw boys if you want to pump up your chest hair you can wear these too. According to their Instagram, the swimsuit was created to 'Make'em say WTF' which could not be more true because we're sitting here like: