The internet is outraged at how expensive this Bachelorette party is

trending 07/06/2017

We don't understand what the big deal is about tbh, we would totally pay this much for a hen's do...

According to *some* people, this is the most outrageously expensive Bachelorette party ever heard of. EVER.

We all know weddings (and everything that goes with them) costs the earth, but they apparently shouldn't cost THIS much. 

A woman has asked the advice of the internet after planning a somewhat "costly" Bachelorette party/trip overseas.

She ran into trouble after the bridal party refused to pay up the requested sum needed for the event.

And before you start assuming it was the bride's fault, you'll be interested to learn it was actually the maid of honor.

She had arranged an all-expenses bridal weekend away for two nights, which costed $500 per person (including the bride herself).

As previously mentioned, the bridal party are refusing to pay up and are saying it's too expensive... which led the maid of honor to post her dillema online to get advice (otherwise she would have to cancel the entire hens weekend).

"I sent them an initial email with a payment request on Friday afternoon. A few got back to me saying they'd pay me on the weekend, but I haven't yet received payment from them," she said.

"I sent out another follow-up payment request email this morning [Monday]. In total, I've only been paid by one person."

She posted the below questions in order to get feedback:

a) Am I being unreasonable to ask people to pay this?

b) How do I get people to pay?

c) Can I pull off organising the hen do?

Naturally, she got a mixed bag of responses!