Simon Barnett speaks out about JDR's Tom Cruise prank

trending 16/06/2017

More FM's Simon Barnett has spoken out about this morning's stitch-up from Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell.

He posted on the Si & Gary Facebook page, saying that he can now see the Tom Cruise impersonator was a joke.

"At the time my overriding emotion was one of genuine embarrassment, I’ve always wanted to meet this guy. I can now see it was a joke and in the grand scheme of things maybe Tom will feel sorry for me and sit down for that glass of wine - Si"

He went on to say that Si's Mission Impossible to find Tom Cruise will still go ahead:

"We're still continuing our quest to get Si a selfie with Tom Cruise, and have $5000 for anyone that helps make it happen."

We love you Si, and we're sorry if we caused any upset by our stitch-up this morning - it was only ever intended to be a bit of light-hearted fun between station friends!

You can watch the video of Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell's Tom Cruise stitch-up on Si and Gary below: