Science says your ‘drunk personality’ is the same as your sober one

trending 02/06/2017

Probs not the best news you wanna hear on a Sunday...

It's something we've never wanted to hear, but always knew deep down that it was true.

According to a new study, your 'drunk personality' is basically the same as your sober one. 

There are so many personalities that can appear - the crying drunk, the angry drunk, the sweary drunk... the list goes on. 

This new study published by the journal of Clinical Psychological Science claims that our drunk personalities do not differ from our sober personalities at all. 

The study was surveyed across 165 participants and found that although people saw their own personalities as changed—“lower levels of conscientiousness, openness to experience, and agreeableness, and they reported higher levels of extraversion and emotional stability."

The changes were generally “real to them but imperceptible to observers”.

So what does this all mean? Well in a nutshell, it means that even though YOU think you get pretty lit on a big night out, everyone around you thinks you’re acting more or less the same.