Nintendo announce SNES mini with all the OG games included

scandal 27/06/2017


If you're a kid from the '90s you'll remember a lot of things. Like how cartoons were way better, we played outside more, we had Tamagotchis... until it died, and who can forget The Backstreet Boys???

'90s kids will also remember how sick it was to get a Nintendo Entertainment System for the first. This kid brings back the feels.

Now get ready to scream you lungs out when you unwrap the new console this September, named “Super NES Classic Edition”.

Yes, Nintendo have re-released the classic SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) in a mini version to make all the people out their wish they were kids again.

The new Nintendo is due for release September 29th, and is being retailed for $79.99 USD ($109), and will come loaded with a massive 21 CLASSIC GAMES!!!

It's fair to say people have been losing it like the kid in the video since the console was announced.

Check out all the games!

Mark it on ya calendar gamers, and invite the crew around for a jam on the 29th of September.