New study warns our love for fries could actually kill us

scandal 13/06/2017

Oh great, just the news we wanted to hear...

If they was anything that we wished for each day, it would be for some hot chips, TBH could be up for some right now, argh would be so good, wait no. SNAP OUT OF IT.

But it seem's like we could be loving them abit too much according to a new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

The study found that people who ate some form of fried potatoes, i.e french fries, hash browns, potato bites, atleast twice a week were 'twice as likely to die'. TWICE A WEEK? honey we have more than that in one day.

But don't go throughing you chips away just yet. The study did say that it was only eating large amountsof chips throughout the week that put you more at risk.

So even if this study does turn out to be's defs worth the risk.