PSA: Kmart prices are about to get even cheaper

scandal 13/06/2017

Words cannot describe how happy we are RN because the home of all things good is about to get so much better!

Kmart have opened a new clothing warehouse, Indonesia. Managing director Ian Bailey spoke with Nine's 'A Current Affair' and vowed this move will not mean 'slave labour' conditions at the facility.

"There's a minimum wage which is set by the area, which all these people are governed by, and many are paid more than that because they do a little bit of overtime and their base hours are a 40-hour week, Monday to Friday," he said.

this move will reduce clothing prices by more than 20 per cent. 20 PER CENT. think of all the extra goodies you could get with that extra cash.

Managing director Ian Bailey spoke with Nine's 'A Current Affair' about being everyone's fav shopping spot.

"We sell 800 million things a year. You don't have to make a lot of money on each thing for it to still be a very profitable business," he said. 

So clear the wardrobe, empty your draws, and get ready for some serious shopping!