KJ Apa reveals there was an entirely different ending for Riverdale finale

scandal 01/06/2017


KJ Apa has revealed that there was an entirely different ending planned for the Riverdale finale, and it actually blows our mind.

KJ, who plays Archie Andrews, has spilled the beans on an alternate ending that was planned for the finale of season one. 

The finale ended with Archie's Dad (Fred) being shot in the diner. 

“We had a completely different ending while we were shooting,” KJ shared. “Only me and Luke got sent the ending the night before we shot that scene.”

He adds, “No one else actually knew about it except for us at that time.”

So, what was the original ending then?!? 

KJ didn't want to reveal too much, only that it had “something to do with the Blossoms” — which we already know tbh.

“I’m really excited to explore a different side of Archie that we haven’t really seen yet, a darker side after Fred gets shot,” he said.

“It kinda shakes things up for him for sure. Things start to get pretty gnarly.”