Kiwi fan looses her sh*t after finding out The Weeknd is coming to NZ

scandal 22/06/2017

This girl is hands down The Weeknd's #1 New Zealand fan (wait, scratch that... this girl is The Weeknd's biggest fan EVER. Like, in the entire world). 

It was announced earlier this morning that The Weeknd is bringing his would tour to New Zealand

And us being the coolest NZ radio station there is, put a wee competition up on The Edge Facebook page to win tickets, flights and accommodation.

It was on this Facebook post where we first saw Anna Dent's hilarious reaction video to finding he was coming to NZ. 

Her friends starting tagging her in the post, saying we needed to see her reaction video.

Anna then commented on the post herself to share the Snapchat video, saying she is not only, "the biggest fan Not only in the world but 1789% in NZ have listened to him everyday of my life since the house of balloons came out when I was 15 and it was FREE then and I wrote him fan mail (he never replied 💔 but was obviously busy making me some more music 😜) way back then. This is my reaction video to him announcing his NZ tour."

You can comment on the Facebook post below to win tickets, flights and accommodation to see The Weeknd LIVE in NZ!