Kelly Osbourne blames Starbucks after she peed her pants

scandal 27/06/2017

Kelly Osbourne has blamed a Starbucks coffee shop after wetting herself in public in New York City.

The Project Runway Juniors judge was celebrating at the Pride Parade with Sam Smith when she had an accident because Starbucks employees wouldn't let her use their toilet.

"SHAME on U @Starbucks #PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the (toilet). I have piss in my shoe,” she tweeted along with a picture of the shop.

What's weird is that Starbucks have come out and said they don't even have a toilet in that store.

"We are working to follow up with Ms Osbourne to clarify any confusion. There simply is no restroom in this store, and inquiring customers are typically directed to a store a few blocks away.

"We sincerely apologise for any misunderstanding and hope to welcome Ms. Osbourne back for a beverage on us very soon!"

Wouldn't you hate to work in that place!!! No toilet, and if you need to go to the loo your boss sends you down the road.

Kelly is yet to respond but continued her festivities, uploading this one with Sam Smith to her Instagram account.