Justin Bieber’s right Yeezy is being sold for nearly $8000

trending 29/06/2017

Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour made its way to Frankfurt, Germany recently, and while on stage the Biebs slipped his shoes off and threw them into a crowd of screaming fans.

You can only assume they all went absolutely insane fighting over his shoes, which just so happen to be a white pair of Kanye West's signature Yeezy shoes.

New reports out of TMZ show that Justin’s right Yeezy from the concert is currently listed on eBay for a minimum bid of 5000 euros, which is approximately $7783 in our neck of the woods.

The eBay listing still hasn't had any takers, but says that part of the sale will be donated to an unnamed charity if the shoe gets sold.

Photo credit: eBay | Right Yeezy

If you thought JB's right yeezy going for a bunch of coin online was crazy, wiat till you see what the left Yeezy has been getting upto since the Frankfurt concert.

Justin Bieber's left Yeezy has gotten itself an Instagram account which has over 6000 followers, cause even a shoe can be more popular than you, apparently.

People are backing the account saying it seems pretty legit after they posted a photo of the shoe's label, revealing a shoe size of 8.5 which just so happens to be JB's size.

So there you have it. Justin Bieber's right Yeezy is currently being sold for a ridiculous amount on eBay, meanwhile his left shoe is living it up posting pics on Instagram. 

JUSTIN! Please throw us a pair next time you're in NZ. Thanks x