Jamie Oliver called Lorde a 'babe' & the Internet didn't know what to think

scandal 29/06/2017

When you accidentally comment on their photo instead of sliding into their DMs...

Social media didn't know what to think when celebrity UK chef Jamie Oliver left a rogue "babe" comment on Lorde's Instagram accont.

The Kiwi singer posted on Instagram on Wednesday while in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, saying, "In oslo looking like a president's wife or some shit".

Amongst the more than 3000 comments was one from the well-known chef that simply said:

Your funny babe hope your well j

Fans on Twitter called were quick to call him out on the strange comment, with one user wondering how they could even become friends.

They're all probably just looking to far into it. Jamie is married to Juliette Norton and have five beautiful kids.

Lorde is currently touring in Europe following the release of her second album Melodrama, which has raced to the number one spot on charts around the world.