Zayn Malik attacked after urging fans to help cancer patient

scandal 03/05/2017

Fans are seriously pissed at Zayn Malik for asking this question...

Zayn Malik has been attacked on social media for urging fans to help fund cancer treatment for his mother's cancer-stricken friend.

The ex One Direction star posted on social media asking fans to donate funds towards his best friend's mum.  

Fans were outraged that Zayn (who is worth a meer $56million NZ) was asking them to donate when he could pay for the entire treatment himself.

The post went out to his 28 million followers, asking people to donate towards life-extending treatment for the woman's terminal lung cancer.

One fan wrote: "Aren't you like super rich?... Like I said, he could have completely paid for it. He doesn't need our help. He's filthy rich... He's worth $50 million.... look it up... But he could have completely paid for it he's rich... He could offer quite a bit on behalf of a family friend. This is odd."